The Interviewer

Dee Daniels

When I volunteered to co-direct the Equinox training runs this year, in 2011, I immediately conjured up the idea of this blog.  I wanted to give the group of people who showed up to these runs a resource of information on the Equinox Marathon, but felt ill-equipped to offer up much guidance given my own limited experience I’ve had participating in this race.

As I was training for my first Equinox, I sought out advice and tips from more seasoned runners and asked a lot of questions to prepare myself for the race and found their input invaluable.   These questions serve as the basis for Equinox Interviews.  My goal is to interview as many past participants as I can: young or old, fast or slow, relay or ultra, competitive or casual, runners or hikers and share their experiences with you.

I quickly discovered that people have much more to offer than their advice on preparing for this marathon and running the challenging course.  You’ll definitely find some great information on running the Equinox here, but much more than that, you’ll read stories that are highly personal and passionate, incredibly fun and interesting, and truly, heart-warming.

Please share your story by participating in The Interview.  Your  Equinox experience is valuable!

See you on the trails!


2 responses to “The Interviewer

  • Stian Stensland

    Hi Dee, couldn’t find your e-mai address here on the blog (too little blood going to the head after the marathon probably).
    Howver, send me an e-mail and I will send over photos.

    Best, Stian Stensland – Norway

  • hg

    You are awesome to be doing this Dee- great to read all the stories! Thanks for your vision and work to document this amazing race.

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